What is GoNeighbour?

In short, GoNeighbour is a Neighbourhood Social Network. We are a Social Enterprise, user friendly, interactive platform – created by neighbours for neighbours.

Our prime objective is to help connect neighbours with neighbour, and go beyond virtual relationships to create real world connections that work towards building a stronger community. The intuitive icons and map driven interface, coupled with a telephone portal, enables neighbours to post and respond to posts with their neighbours from the phone, website or smart phone.

Either Lend a Hand, Ask for Help, Get Together, Buy and Sell or just get connected with your community, that’s the GoNeighbour Mission.

Neighbours sign up with their email address, verify their personal ID and we automatically connect them with GoNeighbour.Org users in their local area. GoNeighbour.Org also verified the IP Addresses to ensure only local folks are visiting a local neighbourhood portal. It is a private Neighbours Social Exchange.

GoNeighbour.Org is a place for neighbours to discuss any local issue they care about.

Today, thousands of users over hundreds of communities across Canada are using the site to:
• discuss nearby news, crime, planning proposals and public services
• find locals with common interests, organize and attend social groups and events
• share belongings and skills with neighbours, from hedge-trimmers to computing tips
• recommend and discover local businesses and trades persons
• promote, campaign and volunteer for community projects and local causes

GoNeighbour.Org is a place for every member of the community – individuals and organizations – to discover and discuss local issues and initiatives.

The one thing all GoNeighbour.Org users have in common is that they care about their local area, and want to build a better connected community and bring to live these virtual relationships.

Local Neighbours

GoNeighbour.Org offers a simple place to talk to people in your local area.

You could liken it to chatting over the garden fence, pinning posters on lampposts, speaking in the town square, or putting cards up in newsagents’ windows, but with the benefit of being accessible wherever you are, at times to suit your routine.

Everyone in the community can keep in touch and contribute. And of course, the service is and always will be free of charge for residents discussing local issues.

Neighbourhood groups

GoNeighbour.Org provides the perfect platform for local groups, charities and non-profit organizations to reach people in their area.

Whether you run a jogging club, library, school PTA or neighbourhood watch group, you’ll have news, advice and events to share with your local community.

Creating a page on GoNeighbour.Org will help you engage with new people in your area, build a loyal following, and be discovered by new members, volunteers and supporters.

GoNeighbour.Org also provides seamless linking of your social media accounts, thus enabling the moderators (3) to post from one location.


We believe in open dialogue between local residents and elected officials, from local councils and police to parish councilors and MPs.

Our users care about their local area, and want to be kept informed about council activities, public services and crime.

GoNeighbour.Org enables local authorities to reach users within their administrative boundaries instantly, at no cost, and without the burden of managing a platform or moderating content.

We work with local authorities in our established areas, who use the site to share news and events, identify and respond to local concerns, link to their online services, seek local opinion and promote civic behavior.

Local businesses

GoNeighbour.Org is all about connecting and sharing with your local community.

We have options of using our proprietary web banner creating tool as well as a coupon creating tool that local business owners can use to create their own banners or coupons.

We believe that local business owners have plenty to contribute, and even more to gain from engaging with their neighbours.

Whether you are a local tradesperson or independent retailer, GoNeighbour.Org provides a highly effective way to contribute to your local community, raise awareness of your brand, and connect with new customers.

The GoNeighbour.Org community can give you a powerful insight into what local people want, enable you to respond instantly to requests for help and advice, and help you build a loyal following of people close by, where it really matters.

1. Registration Process & Requirements

a. Each Neighbour has to verify their ID
b. Each Neighbour has to verify their address
c. The location of each Neighbour is also captured via Internet Protocol addresses
d. Each Verified Neighbour can invite a new neighbour to sign up and are responsible to allow people of good standing within their neighbourhood or other areas
e. Each Invitee is tracked and attached to the person who invited them
f. Neighbours wishing to sign up may request for a Address Verification Post Card that contains a pin# to verify their address or use other methods like credit card authorization, upload a state issued valid id or bill with their name and address or be invited by a Verified Neighbour

2. Posting

a. There are three kinds of Posting,
i. Block – Postal Code reach – Only people within GoNeighbour.Org who live within the Postal Code can see these posts
ii. Neighbourhood – City defined Neighbourhood – Only GoNeighbour.Org users who are living within a Neighbourhood can see these posts
iii. Public – Visible to everyone online – Will be indexed by search engines
b. All PUBLIC post will be automatically posted on GoNeighbour.Org social media sites unless users have linked their personal social media account. (this can be done by pressing the “Link Other Social Media Account” link on the Dashboard page
c. All posting can be reviewed, edited while posting and deleted upon posting.
d. Please BE COURTEOUS when posting and not offend any other users on GoNeighbour.Org we would like to keep this environment family safe environment.
e. Posting can be done on the dashboard page at the “What’s on your mind” section or even on the top tabs like Get Together, Ask for Help, Lend a hand, Marketplace, Alert. They would all appear on the dashboard page(expect for Marketplace).
f. All Marketplace posts remain on the marketplace page so as to enable the dashboard to contain community related updates rather than commercial updates
g. All posting must be tagged which is done upon clicking post. This allows each post to be searchable if need be.
h. Marketplace posts are broken into 4 Categories and several other sub categories. Please choose them accordingly. This pages are available to be viewed by the public yet the address information is always hidden
i. When posting PUBLIC please take note that the default address on the marker would be your registered home address, if you don’t want to show this to the public please make sure to move the marker to a public location when doing a post(where applicable)
j. Comments, respond and sharing a post can be done only when logged in by pressing on the “Read more” link below each posts on the dashboard . There are several social media as well as email sharing method option and a direct message to the poster that will appear on the dashboard
k. Report ABUSE can be done at the bottom of each post. The post will be taken off and the user who posted will be investigated for possible expulsion from GoNeighbour.Org
3. Vote
a. Verified Neighbours may also vote on a topic or a post on the dashboard by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon below each post. It will display the number of counts as well. Each Verified Neighbour can only vote once.
4. Invite
a. Verified Neighbours can invite others within the block by
i. Voice Mail broadcast
1. By paying for it, an automated voice message of which you can click on the link to hear will be sent out to as many folks with land line within the block
2. Verified Neighbours may also volunteer to answer calls on GoNeighbour.Org ‘s behalf to enable question and answers for folks who are interested in signing up.
ii. Post Card Invites
1. Verified Neighbours can also pay for specially printed postcards to be sent out to the block as well. This will facilitate more folks within the block to sign up. This will be done by GoNeighbour.Org
iii. Email
1. Either a single email address
2. Import your contacts from your email address book to send out mass email to your friends
3. Share on face book to invite folks to sign up
iv. Posters & Brochures
1. Verified Neighbours may also click on the “Start Here” link on the dashboard to download some brochures , print them and give them out to neighbours within the block
b. Sponsoring a Neighbourhood
i. Verified Neighbours may
1. Contribute financial to help GoNeighbour.Org get established in the Neighbourhood
2. May contribute time to help distribute fliers, contact the local residents association or condo associations etc. . to help promote and establish GoNeighbour.Org in their neighbourhood
3. May help GoNeighbour.Org invite local businesses to advertise and use the GoNeighbour.Org Web Banner Making Tool or the Coupon making tool to further promote their business with the neighbours
c. Neighbours
i. There is a listing of all Neighbours within
1. Block (Postal Code)
2. City defined Neighbourhood
3. Friends that have been invited but live in other Neighbourhoods
ii. Neighbours may browse these profile and click on them to send a message to a Neighbour, either within the Block or Neighbourhood
iii. Privacy within the Profile page allows Neighbours to hide their profile, their address, from the block or Neighbourhood. d. Groups
i. Starting a group on GoNeighbour.Org is easy
ii. If you group has a legal entity please upload your legal document. This will allow the moderators to see details from within the city level.
iii. If your group is not a legal entity you need not upload any legal documents.
iv. Three users are allowed to be part of the Moderator Team that can send out message as a group to the public, neighbourhood or block or within the group
v. Groups can specify their area of coverage, either by postal codes, or neighbourhood
vi. Groups can also make themselves Private, thus making others who see the group profile within their Neighbourhood not see the Join Now button
vii. Groups can also link their social media accounts to GoNeighbour.Org thus making all their social posting from GoNeighbour.Org dashboard or Group Dashbaord

e. Government

i. GoNeighbour.Org is constantly working with all government agencies to incorporate more real time info into our system
ii. We have for several cities in Canada the open 311 system, where Neighbours can request and get live updates from the city on basic services request and updates
iii. Police Updates are also live feeds from local Police

f. Filter Posts

i. Allows Neighbours filter the dashboard to see the kind of posts they want to see

g. Tag

i. Shows Neighbours by category the number of posts within their Neighbourhood or Public posts that fit the appropriate tags

h. Volunteer

i. Neighbours who have some time can help in these ways
1. Neighbourhood Ambassador
a. Help promote GoNeighbour.Org in their blocks and or Neighbourhood
2. Distribute fliers
3. Answer calls on available schedules
4. Be the Neighbourhood reporter
5. Be the Content creators/bloggers

i. Shops and Neighbours

i. Find local businesses enslist all businesses in the Neighbourhood by category
ii. Social Media Users Checked in , shows social media users who have commented on these local businesses recently.
1. Neighbours whom have their social media account linked to their GoNeighbour.Org account may click on these users listed and respond or chat with them live via their social account (when available).This allows Neighbours to interact with other social media users about topic they care about.
iii. Neighbours Recommendation is for Neighbours to recommend a local business therefore being loyal local advocates of these businesses. Folks who know these businesses best.
iv. Offers and Coupon enlist all local deals from local businesses. Either download, print and take it to the local business or just capture the QR Code

j. Local Merchant Section

i. Local Business can
1. Upload a web banner
2. Create web banner
3. Create web coupon