Ask for help from a Neighbour indirectly without putting them on the spot. This is a soft subtle way to inform the neighbourhood that you do need help and you need not feel obligated as it's not directed towards a neighbour but the whole neighbourhood. It can be for simple help like carrying the grocery to fixing a flat. Be Neighbourly.


Photo Title Venue Date/Time Posted By RSVP
Need a lawn cutter Stag Island 2018-04-06 Robert Bloink Detail
Need a lawn cutter Stag Island 2018-05-07 Robert Bloink Detail
Help for my pet Help for my pet Vet medical procedure 2017-04-05 12:15 PM Leah Detail
painting my living room ypres blvd 2016-02-03 05:00 PM Adrianna Gobbi Detail
I need someone to watch my cat for the weekend My home 2016-02-13 03:00 PM Ken Gerard Detail
Need to shovel my snow At home 2015-11-23 03:00 PM Solidarity Towers Detail
I need a ride 3490 Ypres Ave. 2015-11-14 11:00 AM The Wellness Centre Detail
Help with Grant Proposal Writing 6038 Empress Street 2015-11-04 02:00 PM Francis Detail
GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING 6038 Empress 2015-11-04 01:00 PM Michael Bennett Detail


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