Frequently Asked Questions

Goneighbor.org is a virtual platform, encouraging and facitilitating real world connections and communities. We believe that communities working together - are stronger, safer, and more productive. We strive to facilitate this safely and creatively - by ensuring that all neighbors are verified, and providing a platform for communication and sharing of interests and information. We are here to support you by assisting you in building your neighborhood community - we can even invite those in your neighborhood via a phone, leaving you the time to do what's important - engage with your community.


Phone – You can reach Goneighbor.org via our neighborhood hotline or via email.
Website – www.goneighbor.org
Mobile Apps – Iphone & Andriod

GoNeighbor.Org uses an innovative GEO-IP system to identify a users location and identify neighbors in their area. Once a user has been verified they are granted access to the neighborhood network, where they can see the most recent news and events in their neighborhood, create groups or events and sell their items in the marketplace. 


A Verified Neighbor is someone who has verified their address. Only VERIFIED NEIGHBORS can view their neighborhood activities and respond to a post or check their inbox or invite other neighbors.

An Un-Verified Neighbor is a neighbor who has only  given their phone number and emailaddress but has not verified their address. Unverified neighbors are not given full access to the neighborhood dashboard.

GoNeighbor.Org understand the importance of security and a sense of safety neighbors need to have in communicating on any platform thus we have the following innovative security features : 

STEP 1 .

Geo-Ip – GoNeighbor.Org has a proprietary web system that identifies where a user/neighbor is coming from based on their IP Address. This system is usually accurate in most cities yet not a 100% accurate thus we require step 2


Address Verification -Neighbors need to verify their addresses before they can view and participate in their neighborhood network. Please refer to Upgrade to verified status for options to upgrade to Verfied Status. 


This is a private website. Neighbors should use their discretion when sharing private information. Everyone on this network are neighbors who have been verified to live in your Neighborhood. (a Neighborhood is defined as a postal code in Canada and Historical neighborhood in the United States)

Please email support@goneighbor.org should you find any issues with security or if you find any un neighborhly behavior. There is also an abuse reporting mechanism on the dashboard that Neighbors can use to eject any neighbors when there is any misconduct.

We are here to help you build your neighborhood network - and two ways in which we can help:. 

  • By Phone
    • Call into the GoNeighbor.Org telephone portal and press 6 - You will be directed to pay  $5 to send out an automated voice mails to upto 50 of your neighbors.
  • Website
    • Option 1 - Purchase a $5 Automated Voice Mail Invite to upto 50 of your neighbors
    • Option 2 - Purchase a $20 Automated Post Card Invite Service that would send out upto 50 Post Cards to your neighbors


Samples of the audio that goes out to your neighbors and the postcard can be found when you click on the links in the sign up section or in your dash board in the "Invite" link







    Verified or Un-Verified Neighbors may use the telephone portal
  • Unverified or fist time users of the Telephone Portal do require to go to www.goneighbor.org complete the registration process. These users must use the same password as well as their telephone number that they used when they dialed into the telephone portal to sign into the web portal and complete the sign up process
  • Only verified Neighbors would have full access of the Telephone Portal
  • Users of the GoNeighbor.Org propritary Telephone Portal would be able to do most of the task that they could do over the web all right over the phone
  • All post that are done over the telephone portal would be transcribed to the best of our ability and posted on the Neighborhood Network. An audio file would also be attached to the markers on the GoNeighbor activity map found on the dash board
  • Each neigbhborhood would have its own private local telephone number

A Trust Coin is a Neighborly Coin that is earned by a verified Neighbor when they participate in community building.

  • A Trust Coin is received when a Neighbor
    • Posts in
      • Ask for Help
      • Lend a hand
      • Get Together
      • Alert
      • Group Posts
      • Starts a Group
      • Participates in a group
      • Participate in a Get Together
      • Posts advice
      • Uploads a video/picture in the neighborhood photo album
      • Becomes a Neighborhood Journalist

These Trust Coins can be used to purchase merchandise in the marketplace


  • A Hyper Local Neighborhood Network that provides a platform for Neighbors to Connect and Build stronger Communities.

One Neighborhood

  • Canada = One Postal Code
  • United States =  Historical Neighborhood boundaries.

Who are GoNeighbor Ambassadors

  • Volunteers who lead Neighborhood activities
  • Volunteers who help moderate the forum
  • Volunteers who have got a police security clearance

Verified Neighbor Status

  • A Neighbor that has verified their address

Trust Coin

  • A Trust Coin is received when a Neighbor
    • Posts in
      • Ask for Help
      • Lend a hand
      • Get Together
      • Alert
      • Group Posts
      • Starts a Group
      • Participates in a group
      • Participate in a Get Together
      • Posts advice
      • Uploads a video/picture in the neighborhood photo album
      • Becomes a Neighborhood Journalist

Visitor Pass

  • Is a pass that a verified Neighbor request from a neighborhood that wants to participate in another neighborhood for ONE MONTH
  • This request comes to the neighborhood and must be approved by at least 2 neighbors before the visitor is granted access

Add a Neighborhood

  • This feature found in the dashboard, enables a neighbor to have access to neighboring neighborhood
  • This also requires at least 1 verified neighbor to confirm the identity of the requestor and they too must be verified

Types of Postings on DashBoard

  • Public Posts - Post that goes out through our social media and public vewable pages
  • Neighborhood Posts - Posts that only verified Neighbors can access
  • Group Posts - Only Members of the group can view and repond to this posts
  • Groups can posts in all three section if they like yet it would be moderated

Photo Album

  • A Neighborhood wall of pictures or video


  • Puclic Events - Events that are found online at the city, county or ward level
  • Neighborhood Events - Are events that created by Neighbors that can be attended by Verified Neighbors within the Neighborhood

Neighbord Checked-in

  • These are UN-VERIFIED Neighbors who have checked into local busineses int he neighborhood
  • Verified Neighbors may communicate with these neighbors

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