GoNeighbour takes safety very seriously. We want to make sure neighbours feel safe when sharing and thus we have put in place several safety measures.

Here are the safety features:

  • Every neighbour must verify
    • Their Internet Protocol Address (IP)
    • Their Identification
    • Their Address (Through the below options)
      • By requesting an Address Verification Pin number
      • Via a credit card purchase
      • By entering an email address of a Verified Neighbour or Ambassador
      • By uploading a state issued photo id with name and address
  • You choose what information you want to share.
  • Any Neighbour can report abusive behaviours
  • GoNeighbour.Org is securely encrypted using the HTTPS Internet protocol.
  • Information shared in the groups or neighbourhood will never show up in search engines.
  • GoNeighbour.Org never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.

To learn more about verification, visit Frequently Asked Questions about verification FAQ.

If you have a personal safety concern, report it here.

To learn more about the terms of use and privacy policy please click here